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The Iprop Holds Your iPad When You’re Feeling Too Lazy

 |  |  |  |  |  December 8, 2010

You know what really sucks? Holding stuff.

Sure, most of us have two hands and opposable thumbs, but do we really need to use them for holding stuff all the time? Lets say you have an iPad, and you want to use it. Sure, you can set it down on a desk, but that’s not very convenient. I guess you can hold it in your hands too, but that gets tiring after a while. I mean, that thing has to weigh at least a pound. No, what you need is something that can do all of the hard work for you. You need the iProp.

iprop ipad stand

Just throw down $80, and you’ll have yourself three feet of bending stand goodness. Plop it on the floor, bend it over the arm of that couch you’re always sitting on, and you’re good to go. Now all you need is one of those protective covers to catch all of that Cheeto dust from your fingers and you’ll be in heaven.

iprop ipad stand

[via Gearlog]