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Distant Planet May be Covered With Diamonds

 |  |  |  December 13, 2010

Astronomers have detected the heat signature of a planet 1200 light years away that is a super heated, carbon rich planet. The scientists think that the conditions on the planet are ripe for diamond creation. How many diamonds you ask? The astronomers think the diamonds may be just lying all over the surface of the planet.

The planet could have entire mountains made from diamonds. The planet was discovered using the NASA Spitzer Space Telescope. According to Dr. Marek Kukula of London’s Royal Greenwich Observatory, “The planet is thousands of times fainter than the star it orbits. So the scientists have to perform an amazing feat of precision measurement to extract anything at all. The fact that they are able to tell us something about the composition of this particular planet is quite literally out of this world.”

The planet is known as Wasp 12b and the thought is that water ice may not have been abundant when the planet formed, leading to high concentrations of carbon. We may never know for sure since the planet is so far away – unless we find a Stargate.

[via BBC]