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DIY 3D Printer: Straight Out of Science Fiction Into Your Basement

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Written by Range | December 14, 2010

Amazingly, this beautiful 3D printer was built by some guy named Jim in New York. Just like normal printers, 3D printers allow you to print stuff but in 3D. No glasses required! Although this seems straight out of science fiction, the technology has been used since 2003 in the manufacturing segment.

diy make 3d printer printing future

This reminds me of the book Makers by Cory Doctorow, where a Maker revolution was started using 3D printers. I don’t know much about how he made it, but it’s pretty cool that he was able to cobble together this good-looking machine, DIY-style.

diy make 3d printer printing future

It took Jim about 2 years to complete this 3D printer, which he actually designed himself as well. It’s been operational since this summer. Check out more photos and a full description here.

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