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Domino Clock Just Makes Time Harder To Read

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Written by Chris B. | December 16, 2010

Clocks. Such simple devices, yet so many people have to make them so complicated. Yes, I know that the innards of a clock can be rather complicated, but I’m more referring to the parts that we see. It shouldn’t be more complicated than three hands and a set of numbers. Heck, in this age we don’t even need the hands, we can just look at a digital readout. But no, that’s too easy, we need something more complicated. Like dominoes, those are perfect time-telling devices.


I don’t exactly bust out the old dominos set (do I even still have one?) very often, so it takes a moment to figure out just how many dots are on each piece. No, it’s not a difficult task by any means, but it’s harder to pick out seven dots than it is to just see the number 7. I suppose if you’re more interested in having an art piece than a clock, then this Domino Wall Clock is perfect.

The clock is based on a simple idea. Hang three giagantic dominos on your wall, with mechanisms to flip the white to black as needed. Sync them up with some sort of timing mechanism, and presto! All of your friends will know that you have too much money to spend. Currently though, the project is still in the conceptual stage.

[via Yanko Design]