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Handstand Aims to Keep Your iPad Whole

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Written by Shane McGlaun | December 16, 2010

I can tell you from experience that it sucks to break a gadget. I broke my iPhone 3GS a few months back and it was not fun. Thankfully, I was able to upgrade. It think if I dropped my iPad and broke it, I would cry. I don’t use my iPad standing up around hard surfaces just to prevent me from killing the thing and I don’t let other people use it standing up either.

If you want to protect your iPad from drops and keep a better handle on the thing a new case has been unveiled called the HandStand that is really cool and will allow you to use the iPad standing up without worrying you will drop it and break the screen. The HandStand has a strap on the back that goes over the top of your hand to keep the iPad secure.

The strap is connected to a knob that rotates to whatever angle you want so you can use the ipad in portrait or landscape modes. The knob the strap is on also props the screen of the iPad up when you sit it down. The thing is up for pre-order right now for about $60 and should start shipping tomorrow.