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AMD Radeon HD 6950 Bios Upgrade Hack Turns Card into HD 6970 for Free

 |  |  |  |  |  |  December 27, 2010

Gamers and computer geeks have a long history of taking in their new gear and making it perform better than it was intended by hacking it and overclocking. If you are a big AMD fan that has been given one of the cool new HD 6950 video cards for Christmas you will really like to hear this about this little hack.

Apparently, the HD 6950 and the HD 6970 are identical, and the only thing that locks down some of the shaders on the 6950 is a BIOS setting. With a new BIOS hack that TechPowerUp has outlined you can unlock those cores and get yourself a 6970 for the price of a 6950.


It’s rare that you can unlock cores with a simple BIOS hack, normally there are parts soldered on the board that prevent BIOS hacks from working that the new AMD cards lack. I’d be so mad if I just bought a 6970 right now.