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Kinect X-Ray Hack: No Those Aren’t Your Innards

 |  |  |  |  |  January 3, 2011

How’d you like to be able to see your insides courtesy of your Microsoft Kinect. Sorry, you can’t. But thanks to this hack, you might be able to use the Kinect to see a virtual model of your guts using the Xbox 360’s wonder-gadget.


Tobias Blum and Nassir Navab at the Computer Aided Medical Procedures and Augmented Reality Program at the Technical University of Munich created their Magic Mirror program which allows you do stand in front of the Kinect, and see a skeleton inside your body.

Using OpenNI and PrimeSense NITE, they’re able to superimpose high resolution CT images of a person’s insides onto the body of the person standing in front of the Kinect. As the subject moves around, the screen shows a virtual window into their guts. For their prototype, the CT scan came from a different person, so it’s not really accurate. Still, it looks pretty cool to me.

Blum and Navab say that the technology could someday be used as a tool for teaching anatomy. Personally, I’d like to see it used for a video game version of Operation where you have to perform surgery on yourself. That, I’d pay money for.

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