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CTA Bowliing Ball for Kinect, Wiimote, Move Strikes Out

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 6, 2011

We can always rely on the guys at CTA Digital to show up at CES with some goofy add-on for gaming consoles. This year is no different, and they’re showing a variety of silly business. My personal favorite (next to these inflatable karts for Mario Kart) is their bowling ball add-on for the various motion-controlled games out there.


This thing is rather ridiculous, especially the one for the Kinect, as it’s really just a plastic bowling ball with a wrist strap attached. At least the Wii version has controls built in, and the one for the PlayStation Move holds onto the controller.

Here’s a quick video clip I nabbed of the Kinect version in action.

Check out the incredible bowling skills of this CTA Digital employee as she knocks down a whopping one pin. At least she didn’t throw it through the screen.

Frankly, I don’t really get accessories like this. You can really only use them for a single game, and with the Kinect, you could just use an actual bowling ball if you wanted to be accurate. Just remember not to release it from your hand.