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Nike+ SportWatch Adds GPS via TomTom

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 7, 2011

Keeping up with a running schedule can be taxing. If you don’t have a calendar you mark off to keep up with your running plan, it’s easy for a week or two to pass with you forgetting about that New Year’s resolution you started. What if you keep consistent with your runs, but forget where you started a lap, and want to track how it went?

The new Nike+ SportWatch GPS is new and improved in a whole new way. By pairing up with TomToms GPS services, you can rely on your watch for more than just checking the time. The GPS will function with other Nike shoe sensors to improve the data tracking during your run. The face of the watch is touch screen; with the first touch you can activate the backlight, then mark laps during your run. The backlight LED is adjustable so you aren’t sucking up crazy amount of energy by trying to look at it multiple times in the midst of a run.

A USB port has been molded into the watchstrap, and will not only upload your run data, but charge your battery as well. Your watch will also give you an automatic reminder when you have not logged in five days prior. To top it all off, you can go to to see your running data, which will include the GPS information, let you set goals, challenge friends and more. If this doesn’t help kick start a good running schedule, I don’t know what will.