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Jason Brockert’s American Icon Paintings: Geek Icons

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 14, 2011

Jason Brockert’s American Icon is a series of still life paintings of his childhood toys. Brockert says he chose his subjects “with a twinge of nostalgia”, and that “these paintings indulge in a mix of whimsy and seriousness.” I can barely remember gaming on the Atari 2600, but looking at Brockert’s painting of the classic joystick still brings me back to my days as a kid. I’m sure older gamers will have a stronger connection with this painting

jason brockert american icon paintings

Here’s more of Brockert’s work. You’ll notice that they’re mostly either Atari games or Star Wars toys. If I had the skills, my series would be filled with paintings of the Famicom, Double Dribble, Contra and Leader-1, although I’ll also have old-fashioned toys like marbles and swords made of fallen branches.

Brockert’s American Icon paintings sell for $200-$500 (USD). You can check them all on his website; when you’ve picked out a piece, just send him an email to buy it (click on the purchase tab on his website for his email). Unfortunately for Atari fans, someone already bought the joystick painting, but there are still a couple of paintings of Atari cartridges available.

[via GamOvr via Sprite Stitch]