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Snowdozer Cuts Ice Scraping Time in Half

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 17, 2011

Has anyone else had enough of the snow? Possibly one of the most annoying things winter has to offer us is the several layers of snow and ice that accumulates on our cars overnight. An ice scraper has FINALLY been created that will combat this nasty part of winter, and give you a lot less cold work to deal with. The Snowdozer is a mega-ice scraper that has two blades to take off ice in two directions, a brush, and a grip. The most interesting thing about this is the grip, and the fact that it extends. So much pressure is taken off of your back and two blades means you’re cutting the time out in the cold in half.


This awesome snow removal device had a 25” length that can go out to 36”, an aluminum handle, plastic head, and nylon bristles. The materials may not be better than any other ice scraper you’ve seen, but it’s design makes sure that none of that matters.


If you’ve ever thought you might have frostbite just from cleaning off your car in the winter, this is definitely something you need to have. And at only $17, you can’t say that it’s not a good investment.


[via 7Gadgets]