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Motorola R331 Remote Control is Rechargeable, Findable

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 19, 2011

Remember the remote control + pager hack we shared with you a few months ago? Well, one of the big guys finally had the exact same idea. Motorola has made a remote control and dock combo, with the latter having a Find Key – the big white button in the picture below. When the Find Key is pressed, the remote will emit a sound and flash its lights so you can easily locate it. If you also manage to lose the dock, then you’re screwed.

motorola r331 easy find remote control

The dock also serves as the remote’s charger and as you can see, it also has a digital clock. The dock can get its power from an outlet or via USB.

motorola r331 easy find remote control 2

I’m not sure if the Motorola R331 Easy Find remote control is already on sale though. Check out Motorola’s website for more info.

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