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A Snowman in the Desert

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 19, 2011

People that live where it snows a lot take it for granted. The highlight of the year in Texas is the random cold winter when we get some snow and can build snowmen in the yard. If you live in a place like Bahrain – where it never snows thanks to the desert heat – you might never get the chance to see or touch snow.

Panasonic held a contest on where it looked for ideas that spawned a mission to let some kids in Bahrain see snow for the first time. Panasonic used some of its cool high-tech vacuum insulation, packed a snowman away inside a box, and put it on a plane to start its 5,314-mile journey to the desert and the waiting kids.

I am surprised to say that the fancy insulation material actually kept the snowman frozen for the whole trip, and when it arrived in Bahrain, the kids got to touch snow and see their first snowman. As Frosty started to melt, the kids got to have snowball fights and build their own mini snowmen too. This may be the best use ever for boring insulating materials ever.