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Jet Set Radio Dreamcast Custom Paintjob is Off the Rails

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Written by Paul Strauss | January 22, 2011

Back when I had a SEGA Dreamcast, one of my absolute favorite titles was Jet Set Radio (aka Jet Grind Radio here in the States). Not only did the game feature ground-breaking, beautiful cell-shaded animations and an awesome soundtrack, it was insanely addictive. Never mind the fact that the idea of a game that’s central mechanic was about grinding rails and graffiti tagging was completely original – and addictive to boot. So when I saw this custom-painted JSR Dreamcast, I had to at least give the artist a nod.


Hand-painted by Flickr contributor Ozkunk93, the Jet Set Radio Dreamcast really speaks for itself. The design echoes the cell-shaded graffiti style of the original game, and looks just great splashed across the lid of the Dreamcast and onto the face of the controller.


Now if only SEGA would decide to update JSR and bring it back for the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, I’d be completely stoked. They did it for the original Xbox with Jet Set Radio Future, so why can’t we of the current gen consoles get Jet Set Radio Future Future? What about a version you play with the Kinect? Or maybe a 3D variant on the Nintendo 3DS? Are you listening SEGA?


[Custom Art via Albotas]