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$900 Columbia Heated Jacket for Cold and Rich Geeks

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 25, 2011

Texas is a state of extremes. We get some massively hot summers and in the winter, it can get pretty darn cold. We rarely get snow though, which is a good thing. If you live in an area where it’s bitterly cold, a normal jacket may not be enough to keep you from freezing your testes off.


What you need is one of these Electro Amp Parka heated jackets from Columbia. That is assuming you can stomach the massive price of the jackets that can run you up to $900. Yes, $900! You won’t catch me sporting one of these things, but I would bet hunters or outdoors types will gladly spring for one to stay warm.

The jackets have carbon fiber strands inside that feel like thread and conduct the heat needed to keep you warm. The heat is provided by a battery pack that is good for up to five hour of use per charge. The charging is done by that ubiquitous port known as USB.

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