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Skizee Lets You Ski Without a Mountain

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Written by Chris B. | January 25, 2011

Ever tried skiing in the Midwest?  Having lived nearly my entire life in Indiana, I’ve not found any places nearby fit for skiing. Sure, there are some decent hills here and there, but certainly nowhere worthy of finding a ski lift. With an abundance of open plains, you’d think that there’s no point in even owning a pair of skis around these parts. You would, of course, be wrong.


If you happen to own a Skizee (Really? That’s the best name they could come up with?) then you’d be excited to see an open field with a nice layer of snow on it. You see, this device uses a 10.5hp 4-stroke engine to propel you along a snow-covered surface.


It might not provide the same dangerous thrill as you’ll get on the slopes, but it could be a good bit of fun. Now is it worth the $2,500 asking price? Doubtful.

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