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Art du Temps Wall Clock is Sooo Cool, Sooo Expensive

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Written by Shane McGlaun | January 26, 2011

We cover quite a few odd clocks and watches around here. Of all the wall clocks I have ever seen, this awesome Swiss-made wall clock called Art du Temps could be the best ever. The thing I like so much is that despite its looks, it’s not digital at all.

Created by illi, the clock is purely mechanical so all those little blocks move around to create the time you see. The cool factor of the clock makes it seem like a concept, but apparently, it will be offered for people to buy. It’s not cheap either; this beast will set you back about 90,000 Swiss Francs.

Now take a deep breath before I hit you with the price converted to US Dollars… The clock will sell for over $93,000! That will certainly make your sphincter pucker. Check out the video above to see the clock in action.

[via Luxist]