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Hublot Key of Time Watch Looks Perfect for Batman

 |  |  |  |  January 27, 2011

Hublot‘s new concept watch, La clé du temps, (The Key of Time), hasn’t yet been made, but it looks like something that would go great with the Batsuit. It’s going to be a limited edition from the Hublot Confrerie Line, so my guess is that it will probably be very expensive.

hublot cle du temps key of time watch tourbillon luxury

While The Key of Time sounds like something Doctor Who would need or use (The Key to Time was an actual Doctor Who story arc), Hublot used this name because this watch can slow down time or speed it up upon command. It will then revert to the proper time when needed. Sure, it’s kind of gimmicky, but there’s reason behind this madness. Remember that sometimes it feels like time slows down to a crawl or passes in a flash? This watch seems to work from this premise.

hublot cle du temps key of time watch tourbillon luxury

The biggest problem with the concept is that most of us would prefer to buy a house than buy a fancy watch.

[via The Coolist]