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Winnitron 1000 Arcade Cabinet: A Token of Hope from Indie Developers

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 30, 2011

The video game arcade cabinet is fast becoming a relic of a not so distant past, what with the rise of video game consoles and increasingly powerful and versatile portable video game systems. But a group of Canadian indie developers have turned to the iconic device to bolster their fledgling community. Created by 5 individuals who call their group the Bit Collective, the Winnitron 1000 serves as both an homage to video games and as a way to encourage more people to join the indie video game community, specifically people in Winnepeg, where the first Winnitron 1000 is based.

winnitron 1000

The roster of games on the Winnitron 1000 is ever-increasing. Currently it has 14 games, including the breakout hit Canabalt. The Bit Collective had a “game jam”, a session where developers made games for the Winnitron 1000:

Just to show you how much potential this pairing has, here’s a couple of trailers for some of the games on the Winnitron 1000. First off is 2-player Canabalt:

Awesome video. It’s funny how the characters look like 8-bit versions of Johnny Cash and Michael Jackson. Here’s one of the more colorful games on the Winnitron 1000,  Super Crate Box Versus:

Here’s a bonus video, where the Winnitron 1000 reveals that it’s self-aware:

Sadly, you’d have to make the pilgrimage to Winnipeg if you want to play on the Winnitron 1000. If you’re in the Netherlands, you’re in luck because a group of Dutch game developers have made their version of the arcade cabinet. The Bit Collective and their friends would love nothing more than for more Winnitrons to be made. You can help by donating, or if you’d like your very own Winnitron arcade cabinet, just contact the Bit Collective. Check out Winnitron 1000’s website for more info.

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