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Nokia Not as Lame as We Thought: Bubbles is Cool

 |  |  |  February 4, 2011

Nokia isn’t a cool company in my book. I have never seen a phone for Nokia that I looked at and thought, “Wow that is cool.” Mostly I look at Nokia and think booooring. Nokia Beta Labs has rolled out a really cool new download for Nokia owners today that is actually something I wish my iPhone had.

Her Name Bubbles

The new software is called Nokia Bubbles and it’s both ingenious and very simple. Bubbles puts little bubbles on the screen you see as soon as you wake the phone from sleep mode. Rather than unlocking and then navigating to the feature you want to use, you can just touch the right bubble and drag it to unlock and go right where you want to be.

This will save lots of time for users. I would like to see it work for phone calls too. It would rock to be able to put a phone number you call a lot into a bubble to drag allowing you to unlock and call the number at the same time. Nokia owners with compatible phones can download the application right now.