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SwiftKey Tablet for Honeycomb Has a Two-Keyboard Approach

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 6, 2011

Android smartphones have long benefited from the Swiftkey keyboard app. Now that same convenience will be coming to Honeycomb tablets, and it really looks promising. Unlike the iPad keyboard, which has more or less the same layout as an actual keyboard, the SwiftKey Tablet app splits the keyboard into two, so that you can use your thumbs to type.

swiftkey tablet android honeycomb keyboard app

As you can see there’s a numeric pad in the middle, as well as three slots at the top of the keyboard where you can select suggested words. Here’s a short preview of the app in action:

SwiftKey’s solution is simple yet effective, and actually lets you hold and type on a tablet at the same time. Let’s hope it finds its way into more tablets. Check out SwiftKey’s blog for more info.

[via TechChee]