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iFixit Tears into Verizon iPhone 4, Finds Chewy World Phone Center

 |  |  |  February 8, 2011

All I have to do is write the name iFixit and most geeks will know that we are about to take a gander at the juicy insides of one gadget or another. iFixit has now taken the new iPhone 4 on Verizon and ripped it apart.

In the teardown the gang found something interesting, the Verizon iPhone 4 has the heart of a world phone. Yeah, Apple could have made this thing work just about anywhere had it wanted to – as the Qualcomm MDM6600 chipset actually supports both CDMA and GSM connections. That said, they didn’t include the necessary antenna structure to handle GSM.

If you should ever have to fix your own Verizon iPhone 4 this will be a nice little walkthrough. Hit up the iFixit site to see the plethora of photos and details of the teardown if you need your fix of gadget porn for the day.

I always wonder when they tear these gadgets down if they are able put the stuff back together and get it to work after a tear down.