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Softbank’s Ultra Simple Single-Button Phone

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Written by Range | February 9, 2011

This new cell phone from Japan’s Softbank and ZTE is more of a security device than anything else. It’s kind of like a one-button panic alarm that’s wired into a cell phone. Apparently it’s designed for preschoolers and seniors.

softbank japan one button phone kids elderly preschoolers

Yes, smartphones don’t work for everyone, but I’m a bit surprised that this phone only has one button. The phone is designed to call parents or other emergency contacts when the caller needs immediate help. It seems to me that you’d need more than one button if you have multiple emergency contacts.

Once the call is completed, the device sends an automated email with GPS data pinpointing the caller’s location. There is also an alarm that will allow parents to find a child when it is lost. While a complete handset for kids won’t work for 5-year olds, I’ve seen plenty of them playing with iPhones, so using one isn’t that far behind.

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