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200-Inch Glasses-Free 3D Display: Do I Have a Big Enough Wall?

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Written by Range | February 10, 2011

Bigger screens are the way to go. I just can’t wait to have a screen that’s the size of my whole living room wall. Although this seems like science-fiction, it might not be because NICT has unveiled a 200-inch glasses-free 3D screen that might actually make me want to watch 3D stuff.

200-inch nict japan screen hdtv led 3d

NICT’s screen is currently the largest glasses-free display, but big hitters like Sony, Samsung and LG are all working on similar technology. The NICT screen addresses a few issues that plague glasses-free 3D: strip noise, reduction in 3D resolution, and unnatural images due to the observer’s movements. Apparently, the noise between parallax images is caused by uniformity of color and brightness between the images. By adjusting these using power-adjusted LED light sources, and using a special diffuser film and condenser lens, they were able to greatly improve image quality.

200-inch nict japan screen hdtv led 3d

For now, the screen can assemble 3D scenes from up to 50 parallax images, but they plan on increasing capacity to 200 images, which will improve viewing angels significantly. I wouldn’t mind having this screen in my pad, although I wonder if I have a wall big enough.

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