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Massive Curved Touchscreen Measures 33-Feet Wide

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Written by Range | February 11, 2011

After that 200-inch monster 3D screen from yesterday, it looks like the touchscreen guys wanted us to know they could keep up. This enormous multi-touch screen measures about 33 feet wide. Now that is pretty big. According to my (basic) math, that’s 396 inches wide!


The giant curved touchscreen display was created by a team at the University of Groningen. Three computers handle the touch detection, while another processes all of the incoming touch-based inputs. The overall display relies on 6 cameras and 16 IR emitters, and has a total resolution of 4900 x 1700 pixels.

largest touch screen groningen 33 feet

It can handle over 100 touch points at the same time. One of the great things about this touchscreen is that it doesn’t rely on any fancy new technology. It was basically put together with some PCs, video cameras, projectors and cheap infrared illuminators.

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