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Plant Whisperer Emits Creepy Robotic Reminders to Water Your Plant

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Written by Lambert Varias | February 13, 2011

Instructables member jeff-o has a problem – he “tends to kill plants”. But it’s not like he gets the urge to tear them apart or trample them, he just forgets to water them. So he’s giving his plants a voice, by way of his plant whisperer. Using moisture probes, the device measures soil moisture every two hours and then reports the status – too wet, too dry, or just right.

plant whisperer

The plant whisperer’s messages are in text form and are converted to speech in real time. Let’s just say that the resulting status updates won’t grow on you:

I think I’d like it more if my plant didn’t sound that cold. Check out Instructables to find out how to make your own plant whisperer.

[via Hacked Gadgets]