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Zoybar TOR 3D Printed Guitar Looks Cool and Doesn’t Sound Half Bad Either

 |  |  |  |  February 17, 2011

If you ask me, the uses for 3D printing technology keep getting more and more impressive. Take, for example, this guitar that had its body parts manufactured using a 3D printer.


If you watch and listen to the video below of Bård S D’s open-source Zoybar TOR guitar, I think you’ll be impressed with what he was able to do with a 3D printer:

Not bad for something that was modeled in the digital world, then printed, eh? Bård modeled the guitar using Blender, then output the body parts over at Shapeways, using their 3D printers for about $175. Now, he didn’t print the entire guitar. The guts of the guitar are based on Zoybar’s open platform, which lets musicians experiment with their own custom musical instruments using a library of standard, reusable components.

[via The Creators Project]