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Totally Unscientific Test Determines Fastest Toy Robot in the UK

 |  |  |  |  |  February 20, 2011

British gadget show “The Gadget Show” – see how sensible and proper they are – wanted to find out which toy robot is the fastest among the ones available in the United Kingdom. Common sense dictates that a race would be a good way to get their answer. Of course common sense isn’t always correct, but thankfully they went with it anyway, because it was all in the name of fun.


The race was as simple as it was hilarious. The robots were to race in a straight line course, the ones that are remote-controlled would be controlled by audience members, and as for positioning, I guess they went with a photographer’s strategy for group portraits – small ones up front, bigger ones behind. So who won? Watch the race to find out:

Oh man that was a hoot. We need more videos of robots being silly, especially after Watson’s serious heroics on Jeopardy!.

[via Robots Dreams]