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Valet Parking 1989: Remember How Cool the 80s Were? Back When You Were Parking Cars for a Living?

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Written by Lambert Varias | February 22, 2011

File this under So Bad, It’s Good: Valet Parking 1989 is a DSiWare game by Zordix AB, where you play as a parking attendant in “neon lit California” in the late 80s, earning money so you can “buy your own cool car and drive to the beach in style”. This folks, is the exact opposite of Grand Theft Auto.

valet parking 1989 dsiware

That’s right, ignite your dreams, burn them all down, because you’re a parking attendant. Here’s the groovy teaser for the game:


In a time when extreme stuff like Madworld and Bulletstorm exist, you have to have some huge balls to release a game where the ultimate rush is in pushing your parking skills to the limit. Here are some screenshots of the game. They really captured the garish look of the 80s.

Valet Parking 1989 will be released this Spring. Get your vest on and push the pedal to the metal. Zordix’ words, not mine.

[via Tiny Cartridge & Zordix AB]