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NEC Hybrid Fingerprint Scanner is Hard to Trick, Unless You Have a Twin With the Same Fingerprints and Veins

 |  |  |  |  February 25, 2011

There are all sorts of uses for fingerprint scanners in the tech world. You can use them to log into notebooks and smartphones without having to type a password. You can also use a fingerprint scanner to log into corporate networks. The problem is that some fingerprint scanners are not as secure or as easy to use as others are.

NEC has announced a new contactless hybrid fingerprint scanner called the HS100-10 that scans both the fingerprint and the finger veins at the same time. The dual scan makes the reader very difficult to trick. The fact that the sensor doesn’t need to touch the finger means it works well on very dry or very wet hands.

The reader’s accuracy also means that you won’t have to scan your finger over and over trying to get a decent read to log-in. NEC says that the reader is also compatible with major access software Tivoli from IBM and Novell SecureLogin.