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LCD Cards: Write Your Message Calculator-Style

 |  |  |  |  |  February 28, 2011

Yellow Owl Workshop sells these quirky debossed cards for writing messages using the classic calculator-style font. Simply use the patterns to trace a letter or a number; there’s even a reference card included.

lcd cards by yellow owl workshop

Sure, you could also search for a similar font and just print your message, but then it wouldn’t have that human element.

lcd cards by yellow owl workshop 2

My only problem with the LCD card is that it’s a bit expensive (and they look more like LEDs than LCDs). Yellow Owl Workshop sells each card for $4.50 (USD), although you can get a set of 5 for $18. With those prices it seems kind of a waste to buy one just to write funny messages.

Let’s face it, as soon as you saw this card the good old upside-down 5318008 came to your mind.

[via Geek Crafts]