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iPhone 4 Broadens Its Color Palette

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 1, 2011

Sure, you can easily get an iPhone 4 in black – and if Apple ever gets their act together – white, too. I’ve even seen a slick transparent iPhone 4 hack. But this is the first time I’ve come across a way to get the phone in other colors without having Colorware paint a custom one for you.


The guys at Focussupply are now offering color replacement kits for the front glass and LCD, back glass and button for the iPhone 4. From what I can tell, they’re taking standard iPhone 4 replacement parts, removing the black color, and then applying a fresh coat of paint on the inside of the glass – but I could be wrong. The kits come in a variety of colors – most of which are too garish for my tastes – including sky blue, cotton candy pink, sunshine yellow, fire engine red, green apple, and rose red. They even have transparent and white versions too.

The kits sell for $150 (USD), and it’ll take a delicate touch to replace these components on your iPhone. But if you’re feeling adventurous, and don’t want to wait for Apple to release iPhones in colors other than black, you might want to check them out.