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CEA Tries to Standardize 3D Active Glasses

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Written by Shane McGlaun | March 10, 2011

We all are among friends here, so I am going to tell you the truth about 3D TV. I think 3D TV makers are douchebags. Yep, the only reason we have active glasses in the first place is that they wanted to be able to use the glasses as a cost center and charge us an arm and a left testicle for them. Now that consumers are staying away in droves you would think they would get wise and give you enough sets with a TV to outfit a family, but no. They want you to drop an extra $500-$800 on glasses alone and then wonder why no one is buying.

None of the glasses will work with other TVs either, the manufacturers all use differing tech so that only their glasses will work with their TVs. That means you can’t get cheap third party glasses. This all adds up to few people that are willing to stomach the cost and douchebaggery that is killing the 3D TV industry. The CEA is trying to fix this for us though and I hope they succeed. The CEA is trying to standardize active 3D glasses.

If they were able to do this, it would mean that any brand of glasses would work any TV. It would also mean that we could buy third-party glasses as well. CEA is inviting companies to propose standards for the formal Active Eyewear Standards RFP and return it by March 31. I hope someone submits a good standard that doesn’t cost a fortune to implement.

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