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x-Ar Exoskeleton Arm Gives Arms Super Strength

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Written by Range | March 11, 2011

Ever since I saw an exoskeleton in Aliens, I wondered why there weren’t any real ones around. Over the last decade, actual working exoskeletons have started to appear, albeit in a smaller fashion. This one is only for your arm to help you lift very heavy things.

exoskeleton arm equipois x-ar robotics

It’s called the x-Ar from Equipois and it won’t make you superhuman, but it will help make lifting heavy things easier. It’s designed for people who always have to lift stuff with their arms, like assembly-line and construction workers.

exoskeleton arm equipois x-ar robotics

The x-Ar is designed to make your arm and whatever it is lifting feel like it weighs next to nothing. It attaches to your shoulders and torso, and redistributes the weight away from your arm. The clever device uses technology inspired from steadicams to help you lift more without getting fatigued. Personally, I’m most amazed by the exoskeletons that allow people in wheelchairs to walk again.

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