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Bender Toque: Facing Winter With Robots

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Written by Range | March 15, 2011

I’ve always loved toques, but I have shied away from decorative ones. Check out this Bender toque that was crocheted by hand by Cheewawamomma!

bender futurama toque knit crochet fun

You have to admit that Bender is one of the most likable robots on TV, given his sunny disposition. Although I’m not sure if the kid wearing the toque should be having her mind corrupted by watching Futurama yet, adults sure can enjoy it. I guess that’s why the hat is covering up her eyes and ears.

All in all, it looks pretty amazing, although not as amazing as the artist’s Bender toilet paper cozy…

bender futurama toque knit crochet fun

While these items were gifts for Cheewawamomma’s friends and family, you can probably order some custom-designed toques and toilet paper cozies over at her Etsy shop.

[via Carla Lovely]