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Retro Arcade Cake: Baked Invaders

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 16, 2011

Looking for a tasty treat, retro game fans? How about a Space Invader cake. Well, you can’t have one, but you can have this pixelated alien cake who looks sort of like the long-lost cousin of a Space Invader, and I bet it’ll taste just as good as a real Invader.


Spinning Hat’s Retro Arcade Cake Mold (or Mould for you Brits) is the perfect way to serve up your baked goods. With just the tiniest bit of baking skillz, you could even make a layered alien like the one shown above.


I want to make a ten-layer alien cake now, and fill it with bright green icing that can ooze out of its eyes and mouth. Yum. Oozy alien eyeball cake. Perhaps even better than the silicone cake mold is the packaging. “Bake Me to Your Leader!” Who comes up with this stuff?


Grab one (or ten) yourself over at Spinning Hat for £9.99 (appx. $16 USD). I wonder if you can take this thing out of the oven using a Pac-Man oven mitt?