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DIY Giant KitKat Bar Has 36,000+ Calories

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Written by Shane McGlaun | March 18, 2011

I am writing this story quietly with my office door shut. You see, my son LOVES KitKat bars. I’m talking he would live off the things if you let him. We buy them in bulk at Sam’s Club and he eats one every day after school for a snack. If you mess around and run out of KitKats, it’s not a happy day around my house.


I am sneaking around with this story, because if he sees this gigantic KitKat Chunky bar I know we will end up having to make one. It looks really tasty! The woman in the video shows you how to make one and the process seems easy enough.

You melt loads of chocolate and the thing has some sort of chocolate wafer cookies in the middle covered by even more chocolate. Loaded with a whopping 36,017 calories, the finished product will make you fat just looking at it. She even made up her own wrapper that looks just like the real thing. I think I could break you off a piece of your skull with that KitKat bar. Now I have to go hit the KitKat stash while you watch the video.

[via OhHaveYouSeenThis]