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Kinect Puffersphere Has its Eye on You

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 18, 2011

This may well be the coolest Kinect hack I have seen yet, despite the fact that it serves no purpose. I can only imagine how awesome this would be as a Halloween decoration. The geeks behind this hack took a Kinect and a spherical display from Pufferfish and hacked them together.

The orb-shaped display has a big iris and retina on it and makes the rough display look like a giant eyeball sitting there on the podium. The Kinect sees when a person walks up and the eye pops up on the sphere and then follows the person as they walk around the room. You can see the setup in action below.

The guys from The Technology Studio have a quick description of how they made it work here, and you can even grab the code over at Github – assuming you have a Puffersphere to display it on. They also posted an awesome Eye of Sauron version of the demo too:

The Weird Sisters would so love this hack.

[via YouTube]