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iFlash Supplements Paltry iPhone Flash

 |  |  |  |  |  March 22, 2011

I know you love your iPhone, but the flash isn’t really very powerful. That’s why this iFlash add-on might do the trick to get a bit more pop in low light conditions. People are relying more and more on their iPhones for their digital imaging needs, so every little bit helps.

iflash iphone flash camera

The iFlash will improve some of your pics, kind of like when you buy a standalone flash for your DSLR, albeit not to the same extent. Sometimes I will take photos at the same time as someone with a bigger flash and I do get better results, so it might be good to have something like this around.

iflash iphone flash camera

The iFlash is available for £19.99 (appx. $32 USD) at IWantOneofThose. Ultimately, if you really need more flash power, then this will work, however I just wonder what new features the iPhone 5 camera will have.

[via Geek Alerts]