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Burglar Blaster Makes Bed Intruders Cry

 |  |  |  |  |  March 23, 2011

Concerned about someone breaking into your house while you’re away? You could go with a conventional burglar alarm, but what sort of deterrent is a loud buzzer anyhow? This thing seems like a much better way to keep burglars on their toes.


The Burglar Blaster keeps its infrared eye watching over a location of your choice. If someone enters the room without properly disarming the system, they’ll be rudely greeted with four ounces of nasty OC pepper spray – enough to tear up and nauseate a 2,000 square foot area full of crooks. And since it’s powered by batteries, you don’t worry about it failing in a power outage.

While this thing will definitely irritate intruders, you’ll want to be careful if you do buy mount on of these things on your wall. The entry delay disarm timer can only be set from 0 to 40 seconds, so if you screw up and don’t deactivate it quickly enough, you’ll be the one crying and vomiting. The Burglar Bunker sells for $600 (USD) over at Bed Bunker.

[via Geek Alerts]