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Complete Virtual Boy Collection on eBay Costs 32 Nintendo 3DSes

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  March 23, 2011

That’s right folks! For the low low price of £5000 (appx. $8,200 USD), you can get the definitive Nintendo Virtual Boy collection! Proof that trash turns to treasure if you give it enough time. And who wants a partial collection of junk? Either you have none or you have the whole shebang.

complete virtual boy collection

Seriously though, if you’re a video game collector, seller macfamily_2007 has quite the cache. This collection is so complete that it has not one, not two, not three, but four Virtual Boy consoles – 2 different US versions and 2 different Japanese versions. It also includes a variety of accessories, and of course all of the Virtual Boy games ever released, including the demo games.

Macfamily_2007 claims that if no one buys the collection by April 9 he’ll take it down and may never ever part with it again. So if you’re interested in snapping up this mother load, head on to eBay now. Unfortunately, macfamily_2007 is not willing to ship the collection outside of the UK, but if you can spare $8,000+ for this then surely you can find a way to work around that.

[via gameSniped]