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Nintendo 3DS Costs Just Over $100 to Build

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Written by Shane McGlaun | March 29, 2011

The Nintendo 3DS has now launched and is in the hands of a bunch of gamers all around the world. The new portable console sold pretty well, even if the mix of launch titles is questionable. Research firm iSuppli has taken a 3DS and torn it apart to get an idea of what the console costs Nintendo to make.


The most expensive parts inside the console are the Sharp screens that are estimated to contribute $38.80 of the cost. The processor inside the machine is about $10, and the memory subsystem costs about $8.36. Other parts of the rig include the user interface with a gyroscope costing $6.81, $5.00 for a WLAN system, $4.70 for the cameras, and about $3.50 for the battery system.

The total bill of materials for the 3DS is pegged at $100.71 (USD) in parts, with labor adding another $2.54 making the total cost to build $103.25. That price doesn’t count the marketing dollars spent on the 3DS launch and advertising, but I’m going to guess Nintendo is still making some money beside what they make on games.