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The Unboxing Video to End All (Bad) Unboxing Videos

 |  |  |  |  April 3, 2011

Ideally, unboxing videos are great ways of sharing the excitement of inspecting a new gadget, tool or toy, but some people tend to focus on the act of unboxing and on the little details instead of the object itself. Cool Gear Reviews has had enough of unboxing videos, so he decided to make a guide about how not to make an unboxing video.

lets end unboxing videos by cool gear reviews

Here’s his Un-unboxing of a Viewsonic printer:

I still think unboxing videos can be helpful and interesting to watch, but I get Cool Gear Review’s point. Some of the unboxing videos I’ve seen take far too long and only end up diluting the thrill of looking at a new device. No one can stop you from making your own unboxing video, but if you want people to watch what you make, just remember that you don’t have to include every single act and detail. You’re not conducting an autopsy.

[via Urlesque]