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Invisible Money Clip Wraps Money With More Money

 |  |  |  |  April 5, 2011

Assuming you like to carry a wad of cash in your pocket instead of a wallet, here’s a fun little invention that keeps your bills in order without looking like anything is there. The so-called “Invisible Money Clip” lets you organize your cash without a bulky wallet or money clip.


The gadget is actually a special bendy sticker that adheres to the back of a bill of your choice. Once folded shut, it holds all your other bills in place. Use a $100 bill if you want people to think you’re a big spender – you can just fill in the middle with ones. Of course, whatever bill you use as the wrapper for your wad of cash will probably become irretrievable, so you might want to stick with a single for now. In case you don’t get the concept, here’s a silly video of a girl with a Snidely Whiplash mustache dancing to Franz Ferdinand that should set you straight:

See? Makes perfect sense now, right? The Invisible Money Clip is available from ALL CA$H Money Clips for $9.95 (USD) each, or get a pair for $14.95 in case you want to carry more than one stack of cash. ALL CA$H is careful to point out that price doesn’t include a dollar bill.