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If You Work Out at This Gym, Humming the Mario Theme Isn’t Optional

 |  |  |  |  |  April 6, 2011

I think freerunning was invented by my cousins and I back in the 80’s. We would run up and punch each other and then you had to run like a bat out of hell to avoid being punched back. We didn’t care what was in front of us; we would jump over or under it and just keep on running. That all stopped when my cousin took a car antenna to the bum and then a whipping from his mom with the broken antenna for sliding over the hood of the car.


I bet these people that freerun today never had a whipping with an antenna as a kid for doing this sort of stuff. Freerunning is geeky enough to get a mention on Technabob when there is a gym dedicated just to training for it. When that gym is called the Tempest Freerunning Academy and is decorated to look like Mario Land, you bet your ass I’m going to talk about it. Check out the video to see just how cool this place is.

Just look at this place – pixel art bricks, the ever-popular question mark blocks that hide coins, geeks jumping all around, and a class called “Parkour 101.” This is the geekiest gym in history, and if you happen to live in L.A. you can visit it in person and try it out for yourself.

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