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LEGO Stop Motion Video is as Geeky as it Gets

 |  |  |  |  April 7, 2011

We really like LEGO around here and we have seen more than a few stop motion LEGO videos over the years. My favorite video was the LEGO lumberjacks fighting dragons to the metal sound track. A new stop motion video has turned up that is geeky and is about as NSFW as a LEGO video can get.

The blue “h” in the vide seems kind of horny and keeps humping the white “h”, you will see what I mean. A couple bricks also get the green “H” to rocking so this is almost like LEGO porn. Still the video is cool and it’s interesting that the bricks are the characters in this case.

Generally, with stop motion we see minifigs as the focal point, so that’s kind of different. If you like LEGO, you will want to check this out, be warned though that there are a handful of sound effects that will make people wonder if you are surfing porn.

[via Buzzfeed]