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Super Mario Starman Candy: Now You Can Be Invincible All the Time

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Written by Range | April 11, 2011

Ah, the starman! In Super Mario Bros., you hunt those down guys to become invincible. Now you can get them in real life, courtesy of this candy.

starman super mario bros candy retro

Super Mario Bros. Star Candy come in a nice box that’s filled with star-shaped candy. Now, you can walk around pretending you’re invincible although you’d only be in your own mind. There’s also a 1Up mushroom and a normal mushroom candy box available as well.

starman super mario bros candy retro

Too bad some people report that the candy doesn’t taste all that good, but I have to say that at as little as $1.70 for a tin it’s cheap enough for you to try for yourself. Then again, candy is meant to be eaten, and creating candy that doesn’t taste good is somewhat strange.

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