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The justinCase iPhone Case Wants You To Use Protection

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Written by Hazel Chua | April 18, 2011

People’s obsession with Apple’s wildly popular smartphone has produced quite a lot of offshoot products as a result, such as iPhone-themed throw pillows, jewelry, and accessories. And then there are the iPhone cases with designs ranging from the plain and ordinary to the weird and wacky.

Somewhere in the middle of both categories is the justinCase that not only protects your iPhone but also protects you from contracting any unwanted STDs. That’s right, we’re talking about that kind of protection.

justinCase iPhone Case

justinCase is a slim textured leather case that looks just like any other plain old boring iPhone case except it’s got something that the others don’t: a secret compartment where you can stash an equally slim packet of rubber. And by rubber, we mean condom.

Need to access your secret stash in a hurry? No problemo. Just reach over and slide the thin panel from the back of the case and you’re all set.

Unfortunately, the justinCase is still a concept design for now (I can hear several dudes and dudettes sighing in disappointment right now) but don’t fret. Hopefully its designer, Chris Holder, can manage to get a hold (yes, pun intended) of some good people who are willing to put this baby into production.

[via Yanko Design]