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Blink Bike Helmet Perfect for Tron

 |  |  |  |  April 23, 2011

When it comes to riding a bike around town or on the highway, the rider has to be aware of the cars zooming around. Often the drivers in those cars are oblivious to anything in their path that isn’t as large as they are. A new concept design by Giovonni Doci has surfaced called the Blink Bike Helmet that protects your skull and has special lighting on it for added safety.


On the front of the helmet is a small light to help people see you. The back has a small red light for those coming up behind you and on each side of the helmet are orange lights that look like an “on” switch to me. When the rider is cycling along, those lights on the side of the helmet act as blinkers.


The rider would slap their ear area and the blinkers would activate to show the drivers which way you are turning. This looks like the exact helmet Tron would have worn when learning to ride his light cycle as a child.


While the Blink is currently just a concept design, there’s really no reason why we won’t see this come to market at some point soon.

[via Design Buzz via Gajitz]