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Dual SIM Battery Pack for iPhone 4 Lets You Make Calls on Two Networks at Once

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  April 25, 2011

Last year we featured a case for the iPhone 4 that lets you switch between two SIM cards. That case has now been upgraded – now you can use two SIMs at once, no need to switch, plus you get an 800 mAh extra battery. The case has one slot each for a Micro SIM and a Mini SIM.

dual sim battery pack for iphone 4 from usb fever

Even though the case enables two SIM cards to be simultaneously online, you’ll still have to pick one to use as a master SIM, which will have access to all features of your network provider and the iPhone 4, including web surfing via 3G. The non-master SIM will only be able to send and receive calls and SMS messages, nothing more. Not even a phonebook of its own. Here’s a demo of the case receiving calls on two different numbers:

USB Fever sells the Dual Standby/Dual SIM with Power Pack case for the iPhone 4 for $250 (USD), although it’s out of stock as of this writing. Also for that price you might as well get a second phone if you don’t mind carrying an extra gadget.

[via Gear Diary]